Bedroom project

Coward 19 is a bedroom project and is
intended to sound so. No digital mastering (except 2 tracks), no extra effects or anything.

All tracks are recorded at home in the bedroom. The bedroom is equipped with 32 track digital recorder, various microphones, keyboards, guitars and many other instruments.

Many thanks to patient neighbors who have listened to the same song lines that have been re-recorded many times.

This is in clear contrast to the planned 2021 album, which will be released on a label, and will be recorded in a studio with a young promising producer. The album has the working title "OK Boomer," and will feature a lot of exciting guest artists.

Mastered at Abbey Road

Most of the music is produced at home, but two tracks, Slipping Away and 10 Years Ago, are mastered by the amazing Simon Gibsen at Abbey Road Studio. Many thanks to Simon for getting the best out of the music.

Three tracks, Coronaroundtheworld, Pandemic Ouverure and Heat and Dust, are mastered in Torshavn (Faroe Islands). Maybe the raw nature goes through the production a bit?

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Video release: Coward 19

The brand new Coward 19 video is out now on our Vevo-channel.

Video release: Slipping Away