Citizen Odin


Bang Bang - radio play:
Bang Bang! is by April 15th the most succesful Citizen Odin single measured by radio play. A big thumbs up to all the radio stations who is playing our song. Thank You!!!!

Chart news: 
Bang Bang! reached the no. 1 spot on Itisnowradio's Top 30 (UK). Our first #1 in the UK - so amazing!

Chart news:

Remember Ginny reached no. 1 spot on the BWNR weekly charts, and 4 weeks as fan favourite no. 1. Amazing. We are so thrilled!!!

Chart news:
OK Boomer reclaimed the no. 1 spot on the Bandwagon Network Radios monthly charts in August >>>.  This is such an honour, and the band send all the  love to the many fans voting. OK Boomer has now gained 5 weekly no. 1 spots, and 2 monthly no. 1 spots. 

Airplay with Ralphy and Marky: 
A big thank you to the star-DJ's Marky and Ralphy for including OK Boomer on their radio shows. Global Indies with Marky and Ralphys Music of the World are first class indie radio shows, and they are broadcasted all over the globe. A big thank you to the both. 

New single: 

Citizen Odin and AJ Nelson will release the track Bang Bang! later this year. The track has already been recorded - partly in Ghana and partly in Denmark. Now the final mixing is almost done, and release date will soon be set. 

1.000.000 streams on Spotify reached!

Video teaser: Bang Bang!

Video release:  OK Boomer!

Meet the boomers:

John Odin

Vocals, keyboard, main composer and all lyrics. 

Photo by Jacob Stage

Søren Kløft

Keyboard, Viola and composer.

Ole Olsen


Meet the youngsters:

Lasse Boye

Keyboards, guitars, bass, programming, composer and producer. 

Toke Brorson Odin

 Synth and composer.

OK Boomer! is recorded at: 





Citizen Odin and AJ Nelson to collaborate on new track: >>> >> >>> >>> >>>